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Using the standard method, which includes a natural blend of oils and silicones to destroy the live lice. Lice Safe offers a line of products for instant relief of head lice. They eliminate all the live lice on contact and starts releasing the eggs from the hair shaft.

Then using a nit comb to remove the eggs. NOTE: if you do not remove or destroy the eggs as they hatch you will be re infested. We recommend that if you are treating multiple people to only use disposable combs. Although metal combs can withstand the heat needed to kill lice and sterilize it, there is a growing concern that using metal combs can cross containment non infested with infested heads. Basic lice prevention is DO NOT SHARE COMBS, So we insist that only one comb per head.

We endorse the finding from the CDC and AAP that define the eradication if head lice using heat. Our patent pending Licen Tool gets 6MM from the scalp and incinerated the nits on contact. if you can not afford the cost of the tool we recommend a local service such as Head Lice Hero OR you can use the our Lice Safe Pickliss 14 day method (thats no NIT PCKING)

The 14 day method is 100% effective and safe enough to use on newborns. The Licen Tools reduces that 14 day to about 1 hour depending on the amount of hair density and length.

Hundreds of thousands dead bugs can't be wrong! See for your self get a free sample, just pay shipping and handling.....

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