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Head Lice, what can i say, there are no fun

But thankfully there is an all natural chemical free solution to these pests.  Lice Safe, said “What we found in our research is that in Europe, the product of choice for head lice control has been for many years, a blend of natural oils including cedar oil solution. After surfacing that information we researched the best carrier for the natural oil blends and were elated to find that the natural ingredients where already used by LICE SAFE™. 

This bio solution invented for us in the US Army to eliminate parasites provided the ultimate in control of head lice. The carrier for LICE SAFE™ is a saline fluid. This unique compound is a formulation of melted quartz rock which, when combined with the special blend of oils, triggers the utmost in penetration of the parasites. The lice, nymphs are instantly destroyed the and nits / eggs are released from hair shaft. These natural fluids are used in cosmetics, deodorants, shaving gels and hair conditioners. Contrary to the damaging affect the chemicals, lice safe treatment the hair follicle with natural healing properties to restore and improve the hairs original pre-treatment condition. LICE SAFE does not aggressively attack the scalp or any skin areas that come in contact with it. Clients using the product for head lice control enjoy a soothing scalp sensation. Because of the controlled molecular weight, the product will never penetrate beyond the epidermal layer of human skin and subsequently cannot migrate into the blood stream to create nausea in the patient.

The treatment in conjunction with the Licen Tool offer the solution to nit picking, by incinerating the egg it is left as a hollow shell which creates a cavity for the treatment to enter the hair and dissolves the nit glue from the inside out.


Ingredient list:

Cedar oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, dimethicone actual product ingredients listed on individual bottle along with batch code and shelf life notice to ensure the best quality.


Experts Say:


"I suggest a treatment of LICE SAFE to the infested hair area. A post treatment time with a shower or swim cap is a prudent protocol to follow. I suggest a minimum of 2 hours however longer time periods will enhance the treatment endeavor. This will also ensure the demise of the parasite and allow the solution to dissolve the glue attaching the nit to the hair stem. The hair should be thoroughly treated to a wet condition. Using the cap will eliminate a flash off of the solution while keeping the head wet. After set time, wash and rinse hair & scalp. Using the nit comb will result in removal of the dead lice and detached nits. A good post treatment shampoo may eliminate the need for the use of the nit comb. Be sure to check pillows, bedding & other furniture for signs of lice. If needed, spray affected areas with Lice Safe Solution to avoid recurrence in hair.”

Jacob A. Steinberg from
Management Team
Joe Munoz Director
Eastchester, New York


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